About Us

Don Shanley founded ProSeed Landscape & Erosion Control in 1985 after completing a wide variety of landscape and erosion control projects since 1970. Don began working as a landscape gardener after his service as an infantry Lieutenant, U.S. Marines, where he led a rifle platoon in Vietnam, 1967-1969. Prior to Marine service, Don graduated from Stanford University in 1966 and attended graduate school at UC Berkeley.

Since 1985, ProSeed has specialized in erosion control, reclamation and revegetation projects throughout California for public agencies and private entities. Work includes streambank stabilization, wetland, mine and quarry restorations utilizing Best Management Practices (BMP’s) including hydroseeding, power straw mulching, live willow and D-Pot plantings, fiber rolls, silt fence and erosion control blankets. ProSeed’s employees have 7-10 years hydroseeding and erosion control experience. Don and his crew perform safe, timely and professional installations in extremely challenging conditions from high deserts and mountain slopes to ocean bluffs.

ProSeed also designs and installs estate, ranch, vineyard-winery and public works landscape gardens.

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